Wednesday, 6 October 2010

More rust...

This time on my big submarine. This one had crashed into the sand and more of it is exposed so it has to look worn by all the water.

I primed the whole thing white, then put the blue on top, however when I got to the bottom part i added more water into the blue so it became more of a wash. I had to keep my painting quite up and down so it looked as if the submarine had scraped its way up the shore.
I found the rusty part shoed up better if I painted a little white patch on top of the blue where I knew I wanted to rust. I then took my raw sienna that I used for the other rust projects and painted it on quite washy, letting it drip down every so often.
Then same again as last time- iron powder, vinegar= rust.
to add a little more texture i took a chisel every so often and scraped into the blue paint to keep with the scratchy washed up texture...

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