Sunday, 20 February 2011

Lord of the Flies...

I had a wee days work for Lord of the Flies today. Iain originally had the job which was suppose to be for two days, however in the end they could only give him one, so he called me to help out.

It wasn't too big a job, we had to paint some steel deck to look more like... well, steel.
So armed with my tool kit in my car, I set off for Film City.
I'd never been in the building before and walking around, it seems like quite a cool place- super funky wallpaper too.

We used Hammerite which I had never used before. Its a special paint specifically for painting metal, its particularly pungent and is sticky if you get it on your hands!

It was nice just to have a wee days work before I start my epic run up at the Pit. Kinda warming me back up and getting into the routine again. (Not to mention, actually getting me out of my bed at a respectable time of day!)

Friday, 18 February 2011


I went to see Submarine at the GFT tonight as part of the Glasgow Film Festival.
Its directed by the very funny Mr Richard Ayoade (of Garth Merenghi, It Crowd fame).
I'm quite a big fan of Ayoade's previous work but was interested to see how he could translate onto a feature.
Well...... I left the cinema VERY pleased and strangely proud.
Beautifully shot with the perfect balance of humour and emotion- I absolutely loved it! ( if i knew how to make stars appear on this blog, I would give it five)

The film is adapted from the book by John Dunthorne and follows the story of 15 year old Oliver Tate....

"I have been waiting too long for the film of my life. My name is Oliver Tate. This film will capture my particular idiosyncrasies, for example, the way I seduce my classmate Jordana Bevan using only my mind. Also, since my parents’ marriage is being threatened by a man who runs courses on Mental and Physical Wellbeing, the film will probably feature some elaborate set-pieces of me taking him down. There will be helicopter shots. There will be slow-mo, but also transcendent moments, like when I cure my father's depression. Knowing me as I do, I will be surprised if this film runs to less than three hours. Note to the press: appropriate adjectives to describe this film include "breath-taking" and "irresistible" as well the phrase: "a monumental achievement”."

The film is released on the 18th of March- GO SEE IT!!!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

China's invisible man...

So I've got a little bit of time off before I start back up at Pitlochry at the end of the month.
I've been sorting out pictures because I need to update my portfolio with, but I've also been doing a wee bit of research.

I came across Liu Bolin's work quite a while ago when I was considering doing my dissertation on bodypainting.
He's a Chinese artist who paints himself in order to belnd in with his surroundings.
He says his art is a protest against the actions of the Goverment who shut down his art studio in 2005 and persecutes artists.