Sunday, 20 February 2011

Lord of the Flies...

I had a wee days work for Lord of the Flies today. Iain originally had the job which was suppose to be for two days, however in the end they could only give him one, so he called me to help out.

It wasn't too big a job, we had to paint some steel deck to look more like... well, steel.
So armed with my tool kit in my car, I set off for Film City.
I'd never been in the building before and walking around, it seems like quite a cool place- super funky wallpaper too.

We used Hammerite which I had never used before. Its a special paint specifically for painting metal, its particularly pungent and is sticky if you get it on your hands!

It was nice just to have a wee days work before I start my epic run up at the Pit. Kinda warming me back up and getting into the routine again. (Not to mention, actually getting me out of my bed at a respectable time of day!)

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