Monday, 19 September 2011

Acrobats Galore..

I've kinda abandoned my little blog recently but I have been busy.

A few weekends ago I went to the Acrobatic Convention in Edinburgh. A whole weekend of aerial and acrobalance as well as some other cool stuff to try out! We had people from all over, London, France, was AMAZING!

I did quite a bit of acrobalance and as I was one of the smallest I seemed to get passed around the various tall people to be lifted. Good fun but my poor little arms were bruised afterwards.

I also did some trapeze, silks, more chinese pole and some tightwire (and discovered I am definitely not a natural at walking on thin wire!)

However, one of my highlights of the weekend was Teeterboard! I'd never done it before but after having a taster I'd definitely do it again. Its basically a big see-saw. The flyer stands at one end and you have two people who run and jump on the other which sends you up in the air. Its quite tiring when your doing the runnng and jumping part but I really enjoyed it when it was my turn to fly- heres a little video of my somersault... YAY! ( i can't seem to turn it round so its on its side)