Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Im back at the adademy for 2 weeks painting Gilgamesh.
Its quite a nice wee show to do and I'm on my own so there a bit of freedom.
Theres not much to it, the centre piece is the ziggurat, a series of steps that have to be painted reddy orange with a few splashes of blue.

Then theres a gauze, same colour as the ziggurat.
Its realy hard to hang a gauze on your own, it take some serious arm strength and hammer balancing!!

Then there were the back flats which were to look like a night time sky, I had painted them originally with blues and blacks, with a white spatter. However once the designer seen them, she was keen for a little white to be added in with a little more ultramarine blue.



It was quite a nice wee show to come back to after Switzerland, not to tasking but still something to keep me busy with.

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