Sunday, 3 October 2010

DJ Rust in da house!

My nickname at the museum quickly became DJ Rust, as it seemed to be two things I spent most of my time doing. The exhibition was set on an old submarine so it had to look pretty worn out and rusty.

I hadn't actually used the old iron powder and vinegar method properly before, I can now say that I've had PLENTY practice!

First of all I used a burnt umber-ish base coat all over, then a raw sienna was over the whole thing kinda, messy in patches, it doesn't need to be too precious.
After that, I brushed on some glaze (I think some people use glue too), while this was wet I added my iron powder then sprayed it with the vinegar.
The colour of the rust depends on how much vinegar you put on, don't go nuts at first, it comes up pretty bright.

One recommendation though- WEAR GLOVES! I found out the hard way when I ended up with rusty hands!

submarine number 1. the whole of this is coated in iron powder, we went through quite a bit of the stuff...
rusty nipples...

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