Friday, 20 April 2012

Circus antics...

Well, its been a crazy few weeks!
My acrobatic troupe have been devising a new show for a gig we have at my old university!
Each year the students of the Technical Theatre course at RCS have a Grad Show, where they invite industry professionals along to view their work and have a chance to meet.
This years graduates decided they wanted something a little different and asked if Spinal Chord could provide a short circus themed show.

I am actually a graduate from the same course, so it was a little strange for me to be back as part of the performing group rather than a student.

On the Friday went along to help with the set up, rigging the trapeze and silks, making sure everything was ready for our first onstage rehearsal on the Saturday.

I was a little sad I wasn't performing in this one, I was suppose to be but pulled my hamstrings in a rehearsal and had to pull out. I took on more of a stage management role instead, as there was alot of organising and liasing with the students of the course to ensure the show went up.

We opened on the Tuesday night and all seemed to go well, the audience enjoyed it, the pyrotechnics went off in the right place.....
Heres a wee sneak peak.... (apologies for the photo quality, they are stills from the video camera)