Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Kids and creatures...

As a freelancer, I've worked in some pretty  and interesting places. However, this weekend I ended up on a bus complete with monsters and a slide!

I was taken on board the Moshi bus as PR/events staff, where my days consisted of colouring in, badge making and trading toys and cards with the avid Moshi fans that came to visit us.   
I had no idea what this craze was before I started so was pretty surprised when I turned up on my first day to see a very long queue already waitng for us!!!

The rest of the day was just as crazy, people literally queued for 4 hours just to get on the bus! 
It was a really fun way to spend my easter weekend (and earn some money). I've worked with kids quite alot before and its always a......... unique experience?!
Also... good practise for this summer when I'll be going over to New York for camp- more on that later though!!!

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