Saturday, 23 July 2011

House Climbing and Ankle Hanging....

My circus group had a wee BBQ at our friend Marta's house over the weekend.
Her and her husband are acutally in the process of designing/building their own house at the moment and even the Grand Designs team have been out following it. They've got as far as the foundations and have built the beam structure of the house.
So of course we trapeze ladies couldn't resist having a wee climb!

And a wee bit of that internet phenomenon planking (even though its not a real plank!).... Two of the girls Lauren and Claire did a little bit of fire poi for us. I've tried normal poi and found it hard enough to keep them under control, never mind adding fie into the equation!

As if that wasn't enough fun for one weekend, we did a special doubles trapeze class on the Saturday! Doing various postions and hanging by my ankles- alot of fun!! In most partner work there are two roles- the base (usually the one holding the weight), and the flyer ( the one that hangs). As I'm small, its easier for me to do the flying, but I like to try and base when I can. Some base action..... (Squeeze those abs!!)

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