Thursday, 13 January 2011

Lets marble...

The first step was to transfer the position of the collumns that would be marbled. As the shaped around these were going to be cut out, it was alright to go over the lines.

We had two colours for our marble base, a creamy whitey one and a pinky colour. I took bothbuckets out with me onto the cloth and blended the two while they were wet.

Once we were done, Rachel suggested we do a spatter of both colours over our blend just to break it up a little, I think this really seemed to help but was sublte enough not to attract too much attention.

The next step was to add in the veining. Rather than using a feather, I used a large long rag and dragged it around making sure there was enough variety between big and smal shapes. I went in with a piece of string to add in a few finer wisps too.

Once it was all dry, we lay down our drawing, making sure it was lined up and pounced through all of our line over the marble.

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