Thursday, 7 June 2012

Flying in New York...

So here I am, I've landed in New York and whats the first thing I do- get on a trapeze!!!

TSNY are an aerial company whose Flying Trapeze rig is set up on a rooftop along the harbour. When you leave the platform and fly trhough the air, your heading towards Downtown. 
We started the class of with a few swings, hanging from the bar by our knees just to get use to the sensation. I've done Flying bfore in London with Gorilla Circus but that was almost 2 years ago so it was really exciting to do it again.
Once we had mastered our swing we got the chance to fly in to the arms of our catcher who was on the other trapeze. This was my favourite part of the lesson, I could have done it all day! :)
I loved it, the location was really cool, and the staff were all very frindly. So if you're ever in New York City and feel like doing something a little different- give them a try!!!

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