Thursday, 23 June 2011


This weekend was Glasgow's annual Mela festival in Kelvingrove park and my aerial group were on show again.

On the Saturday we took all our equipment to the park and set up for class there. It was kinda weird doing class in front of passers by but its good promotion for the company and give people a chance to see what we do.

On Sunday we did two perfomances, despite the torrential rain. Our theme this year was zombie pirates! The girls put some amazing make up and costumes together, and to be hinest I was a little jealous I didnt get to be a zombie!
I wasn't acutally perfoming on the aerial equipment this time, so I done a little bit of acrobalance with some of the kids that do our youth classes. As this was their first time performing Rodolfo wanted to have someone who could kinda help them and keep them in place, so I was drafted in as an honourary kid! This did invole me being taken captive by our pirates though!

Our queen of the splits-Lauren. (One day mine will be this good, one day......)
Doubles cloudswing... Zombie pirates trying to navigate the treasure... Mags on the spanish web, I was at the bottom beating the rope so it would spin... I'm not entirely sure what Rodolfo was suppose to be but it involed a scary looking mask...
Aaaah the end, completely drenched, feet covered in mud, but alot of fun.....

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