Friday, 13 May 2011

The first show goes up!!!

So the first show of the season has opened!!!
It was quite a push and I was still pasting text onto the set at 6 oclock opening night- praying that the paste would dry before the show went up.
I really enjoyed working on this set because it was so different from other things I'd worked on. There wasn't much painting it was mostly composing and pasting lots of pieces of text onto the various bits of scenery.

The biggest challange was the sliders, thats the really tall flats in the pictures above. We spent quite a while layering all the pieces, making sure that there wasn't too many layer over the light boxes of the windows. Its amazing how much these pieces can change, when the lights are off there is no traces of any window the just llok like normal flats. Its a realy nice surprise for the audience when the do all come on.

Unforunatley though, that's my time at Pitlochry done for now. I really enjoyed it and felt this time round I had more responsibility and say in how things could develop.

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JoAnne Ferrie said...

set looks amazing - well done Ash x